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What is cultivated meat?​

Cultivated meat is a revolutionary way to produce meat without having to raise lots of animals. In short, we obtain cells from livestock animals like chicken and use regenerative biology to grow these cells into meat.
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Is cultivated meat the same as plant-based meat?

No, plant-based meat aims to create a meat product by using plants and plant-based ingredients. Cultivated meat aims to create a meat product by using cells from the animals to produce the same muscle and fat tissue found in meat. While both aim to replace conventional meat, the approach is fundamentally different.

What is the point of cultivated meat if we can get real meat from animals?

Most of the meat we currently consume comes from factory farms. There are many reasons why this is undesirable. Firstly, these operations are mostly driven by profit and little thought goes into animal welfare if at all. Secondly, the feedlots are often overcrowded, and this results in a high use of antibiotics to prevent spread of disease amongst the animals. This creates an environment where antibiotic resistant pathogens may breed and pose a threat to human health. Thirdly, viruses also spread quickly in these crowded environments, increasing the risk of zoonotic transmission to humans. In fact, bird and swine influenza pose a huge risk to human health as well as increase the fragility of our food system. Fourthly, meat production is highly inefficient overall, leading to greenhouse gas emissions, high land and water use. Furthermore, spillover of agricultural waste and animal waste pollutes the local environment. Lastly, global demand for meat is outpacing meat production. This means that there won’t be enough meat for everyone who wants it, and this will eventually lead to an increase in the price of meat. Find out more about why we’re doing this.

Why bother when there’s already plant-based meat?

Plant-based meat is great for reducing consumption of conventional meat. But as we know, not everyone will be convinced to replace meat with plants, we believe that if we make a more realistic product than plant-based meat, we’ll convert more people away from the many ills of conventional meat. Saving more animals and our planet in the process, yay!

What types of meat will Meatiply produce?

Globally, consumption of chicken has grown incredibly fast in the last two decades, and demand is still increasing at a rapid pace. This is partly because chicken is relatively cheaper than other meat and is consumed across a wide variety of cultures. These were some of the reasons why we are focusing on producing cultivated chicken. As we have made the effort to ensure that our technology is cross compatible, we have also started working on cultivated duck and cultivated pork. Over time, we will continue to expand the varieties we can produce.

How can I try Meatiply’s cultivated meat?

We are currently working hard to make sure that Meatiply’s cultivated meat is safe, tasty, and affordable. So, apart from exclusive events, we are unable to serve any cultivated meat at this time. However, we aim to launch our products in 2024.

Can I invest?

We’re grateful for the support and belief in our cause. We are currently looking for venture capital backing. For investment opportunities, please get in touch here. For updates on our fundraising status, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

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