For a kinder way to enjoy real meat.

What do we do exactly?

Derived from the words “meat” and “multiply,” Meatiply is an innovative company developing and producing cultivated meat cuts with a focus on Asian cuisines.

We multiply cells derived from the meat of livestock animals to turn them into the meat that we know and love. Yes, even whole cuts of meat, not just minced meat. All this without having to harm the animal that it came from.

How do we do this?

So advanced, it’s almost magic

Step 01

Sourcing the best cells

Using our expertise in cell regeneration, we obtain the best cells from livestock animals.

Step 02

Growing them

Next, we multiply our favourite cells in a bioreactor – similar to industrial processes for making yogurt or brewing beer.

Step 03

Maturing them

Then, we mature the cells by allowing them to organize into fibres.

Step 04

Becoming the meat you know and love

And lastly, we compact the fibres to resemble the structure and texture of meat.

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